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Prowell Solar water pumping system


The idea of a water pumping system is to extract water from its source to its required use efficiently and without manual labour. Water pumping system requires electricity. In the post-Paris agreement era,  the solar water pump system is preferred over the electric pump system for its known environment-friendly use and price use efficiency. In the solar water pump system, electricity is generated using solar energy.

Our country receives more than 5000 trillion kWh of solar radiation per year which can be efficiently utilised and fulfil or even exceed the energy requirement of the country. The Government of India has been continuously promoting Solar energy as a source of energy by various schemes and subsidies. solar water pump system is the best surrogate there is.In India , one of the leading manufacturers of solar water pump system is Prowell Pipes. 

Components/Working of Prowell solar water pump system

Components of solar water pump system

  • Prowel Pump and Motor set- can be surface or submersible pump
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • PVC Pipes
  • Controller

A solar water pump system uses the sun’s heat energy/thermal energy, which is converted into electricity using photovoltaic panels. The energy generated by photovoltaic panels is then used to run a solar water pump system to extract water for your use.

Solar water pumps are available in both surface and submersible options, both having the option of AC and DC types. Depending on your necessity and use, including water discharge capacity, you can opt for the best combination.

Features of Prowell solar water pump system 

Before counting the features of solar water pump system, Let’s look at why Prowell  is prefered.

Prowell product is certified as per IEC 61730 specifications and is approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Other features why Prowell users are satisfied:

  • High operating efficiency- Variable settings as per the intensity of sunlight
  • Reliable-protection against voltage and pressure fluctuation
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection against Low Power and Dry Run 
  • Thermal and Current overload Protection
  • Easy to operate and Maintain
  • Easy to install and transport

Advantages of Prowell solar water pump system 

  • Cost effective Water Pumping System 
  • Less accident prone as it has no external wiring.
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Easy operable in remote locations
  • Minimum manual intervention
  • No reliability on fuels vis-a-vis no dependency on electricity supply.
  • Backed by Government- more chances of subsidies
  • Longer Life Span thus reducing long term cost (recurring cost)
  • Standalone systems- no dependency on grids or generators

Applications of Prowell solar water pump system 

  • Water for household work like drinking, washing clothes, flushing, utensil washing, gardening, etc
  • Water Agriculture and Irrigation especially places with unreliable electricity supply.
  • Water required for livestock rearing
  • Swimming pools and other recreational activities 

Solar water pump system is gaining attention at domestic as well as industrial level. Industries are opting for solar alternative to gain carbon footprints and reducing operating costs.

Solar water pump system is the sustainable substitute therefore interests of all the shareholders in the economy are aligned.

Pricing of Prowell solar water pump system 

The pricing of solar water pump system varies as per installation capacity and water discharge capacity. 

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