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uPVC Column Pipes

Prowell UPVC Column Pipes for submersible pumps are designed on latest technology, crafted on the most sophisticated equipment to deliver the desired performance , meeting the challenges of tough & long duty cycle upto 50 years with an unmatched success rate, yet being the most cost effective option.

Manufactured using the best quality raw material, threaded & thread sealed Prowell UPVC coloumn pipe stand to meet the heavy handling yet are very easy to install.

Every Bore Well / Deep Well Submersible pump, require a Delivery pipe to bring water out of Well. This Delivery pipe is called Riser pipe or Column pipe or Drop Pipe. This is the important pipe because the complete pump is hanging on this pipe and delivering water. uPVC Riser Pipes is the best alternative to Galvanized pipe or Steel pipe as they are 100% Corrosion resistant and Bacteria free.

Prowell has developed 100% metals free uPVC Column Pipes. Not only the uPVC compound is Lead-Free and Heavy Metal Free, but the Special High Friction Thread developed by Vinyl also avoid the use of Metal pin thus giving Metal Free Leak Proof column Pipe.

Prowell uPVC Column Pipes

  • Prowell uPVC Column Pipes do not react with acidic & alkalis water
  • Prowell column pipes are rigid with high impact resistance
  • It’s smooth wall improve the flow of water by reducing loss caused by friction
  • Special rubber seal is provided with thread to ensure 100% leak-proof joint at high pressure
  • Square threads are designed for holding high loads, these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50 years of use
  • Couples are fitted with pipes and sealing with SUPERLOCK SEALING SYSTEM to ensure that during installation and removal of pumps, the coupler does not come out & avoid slippage of column


  • Cost-effective
  • 100% leak proof
  • Smooth handling
  • Energy saving pip
  • Unlimited Izod impact strength
  • Maximum load carrying capacity
  • Corrosion free with frictionless surface



Manufactured from Quality Raw MaterialProwell UPVC pipes offer high strength & durability
World class machiningManufactured on most sophisticated, state of art machine to ensure a flaw less prodcut at every time.
Easy handling, transporation & installationUpvc pipes are lighter in weight than the conventional metal pipes.
Economical1. UPVC Pipes cost less than the other alternates. 
2. Cost of transportation , Handling and installation is lower, being lighter in weight no cranes, welding machines or Deisel Gensets are required for installation.
Exellent chemical resitance1. Non reactive with acidic & alkali substances in water
2. Non corrosive, ensures longer life cycle
Non conductive1. Offers excellent life avoiding electro chemical reactions, which generally lead to encrustation of pipes.
Longevity of life cycle1. Upvc pipes generally have a life cycle of upto 50 years, which saves on replacement & replenishment costs.
Quality waterUpvc pipes does not impart any colour, odour or taste
Manufactured under strigent quality standardProwell Upvc column pipes offer high strength to withstand the system load including the pipe weight & the water.
Prowell SYSTEMProwell Upvc column pipes are sealed with the coupler with the unique Prowell system to ensure the coupler does not come out while installation and removel of the column during operation.
Exceeds in reliabilitySpecially designed threads, crafted on specialised CNC machine provide excellent load bearing capacity
Low frictional lossesSmoother (inner) surface as compared to the alternate products keeping the frictional losses to the minimal.
Leak proof jointsSpecial rubber seal are provided along with the threads to ensure leak proof joints at high pressure ensuring smooth & optimum functioning of the system


uPVC Column Pipe Property, Unit & Standard

Specific Gravity1.4 gms/cm³as per ASTM D 1785
Tensile Strength627 kg/cm²as per ASTM D 1785
Flexural Strength647 kg/cm²as per ASTM D 1785
Izod Impact Strength15 kg – cm/cm²as per ASTM D 1785
Charpy Impact Strength17 kg – cm/cm²as per ASTM D 1785
Impact StrengthNo Fracture
Vicat Softening Temperature87.3˚Cas per ASTM D 1525

Dimensions Details

Nominal Diameter Safe Allowable Hydrostatic Load    
mmInchV4/ExpressMediumStandardHeavySuper Heavy
251″15 kg/cm²16 kg/cm²30 kg/cm²
321 ¼”15 kg/cm²16 kg/cm²25 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²
401 ½”15 kg/cm²16 kg/cm²26 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²
502″10 kg/cm²15 kg/cm²25 kg/cm²27 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²
652 ½”10 kg/cm²12 kg/cm²17 kg/cm²26 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²
753″10 kg/cm²11 kg/cm²17 kg/cm²26 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²
1004″10 kg/cm²11 kg/cm²15 kg/cm²26 kg/cm²35 kg/cm²

Some other Features that you can find in our uPVC Column pipe / uPVC Drop pipes / uPVC Riser pipe

  • Specially designed High Friction ‘Square Threads’ Manufactured by imported CNC machines along with ‘Rubber Rings’ to 100% Fail proof Connection.
  • Sophisticated tools used for easy fitment of Drop Pipes.
  • 100% leak proof joints with no scope of leakages in uPVC Column pipes.
  • All threads undergo 100% Quality Check to ensure High friction threads capable of withstanding ZD (Zero Defect) heavy load on Column pipe / Riser pipe.

Technical Specifications

Size & TypesProwell Column Pipe Ultimate Breakijng Load in KgsSafe Pulling Load with Chain Pully in KgsSafe Allowance Hydrostatic Pressure Kg/Cm 2
OD : 33MM NB: 25mm (1")
OD : 42mm NB: 32mm (1 1/4")
OD : 48mm NB: 40mm (1 1/2")
OD : 60mm NB: 50mm (2")
Super Heavy5600350035
OD : 75mm NB:65mm (2.5")
Super Heavy8800490035
Super Heavy plus10000560040
OD : 88mm NB:80mm (3")
Super Heavy12100680035
OD : 113mm NB: 100mm (4")
Super Heavy201001130035
OD : 140mm NB: 125mm (5")
Super Heavy311001740035
OD : 168mm NB: 150mm (6")


We supply following accessories for the column pipes in the size:
1″, 11/4″, 11/2″, 2 “, 21/2″ 3″, 4″, 5″

‘O’ Rings
The ‘O’ Ring used for sealing and gripping provides leak proof system and also absorbs the vibrations of the pump.

Top & Bottom Adaptors
The adopters in stainless steel & casted mild steel are available in many variations as applicable with the respective size & specifications of column pipes.

Pump Guards
Pump guard can be used between bottom pipe & bottom adaptor. Pump guard is recommended for the areas where excessive pump vibrations are observed




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